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Window Repair Frequently Asked Questions

(Q) Many of my screens are beyond repair. Can I replace the entire screen?
(A) Yes, we can re-screen your torn screens and remake a whole new unit to fit your existing window.

(Q) Can I add internal colonial grids to the glass when I replace it?
(A) Yes, adding a grid pattern to your unit will add to the curbside appeal of your home as well as adding efficiency to your home.

(Q)My Full Screens are difficult to remove. Can I replace with ½ Screens?
(A) Although many people like the look of a full screen, they are very difficult to operate. We can make ½ screens to operate in your existing screen track.

(Q) I can see daylight between the sash and frame of my window. I get a lot of drafts there. Can anything be done to correct that?
(A)Many times if the window wasn't shimmed properly, there will be daylight between the sash and masterframe. This can cause drafts, and in some cases the bottom sash can flip in on it's own because the tilt latches aren't engaged properly. Re-shimming the window unit will correct these problems.

(Q) My windows lift very hard and make a terrible noise when I open them. What can be done?
(A) A lot of older vinyl windows used a self lubricating spiral balance unit. They are very messy and as they age, a racking sound will occur when lifting. We use a cleaner, quieter block and tackle balance unit. It fits in the same track and works in your existing balance shoe.

(Q) When I open my window and put the sash up, it slides back down slowly. I have to put a stick in the window to keep it up. What is the solution?
(A)It could be that new balance units are needed. It could be that the pivot bar has fallen out of the balance shoe. Both are common problems with replacement windows. Both can be repaired.


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